Ancient Location of the Age of Frederick II

Magically included into the perimeter of the forest “Bosco Incoronata”

Feudo della Selva is an ancient Frederick II ’s location;it is magically included into the perimeter of the forest “Bosco Incoronata”, acknowledged as Natural Park since it is the widest forest in Europe which have growth on a plain. 1001 is the year of the first apparition of the Holy Mary “Incoronata” on an oak in the forest; many hermits, saints and poets have formed communities and inhabited hermitages and the ancient monastery of the “Incoronata”. From 1240 till 1243, the forest was Frederick II ’s beloved location for hunting hares and wild boars with falcon;“Bosco dell'Incoronata” is a magical and charming place, that inspired Frederick II to write the Hunting Treaty the De arte venandi. The tale of his epistolary says that in the “Bosco dell'Incoronata” Frederick II decided to twist the rules of the ancient cooking and to introduce the most delicate and fresh ingredients, together with the use of weeds and short methods to preserve meat and fish. It was still this place to inspire Frederick II for the writing of the cooking Treaty "il Liber de coquina", written in Latin. This was an ambitious manual on the international art of cooking for the western world, which can be ranked among the scientific manuals of that time. Its writing is dated back 1240 - 1250.

La Bifora, a typical Byzantine elemente

the emblem of the tower, so loved by our spouses




To better understand the meaning and the importance of this text, you should think about the role of Frederick II in fostering the ancient and glorious Scuola Medica Salernitana (Medical School of Salerno), where the nutrition was an important and integral part of studies and medical practices of that time;


With his Treaty, Frederick II paved the way for the Mediterranean cuisine. Bosco dell'Incoronata becomes a new inspiration for visitors who are fascinated – as Frederick II was - by flora, fauna and rhythm of Nature that, in this place, seems to become one with the sky, the green and the water of lake and streams.

Wedding Reviews about Feudo della Selva

"The most beautiful day"

We got married at the Feudo on December 29th 2018 and we are still full of joy and emotion for our day. A magical and fantastic location ... we relied on them and I must say that it was a success for us and for all the guests, who complimented us on the exceptional success of the wedding (food, service, party, exhibition and fun)...

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"Fairytale Wedding"

We could not have made a better choice for the best day of our lives. Wonderful location located in the Incoronata wood. Excellent service and superb cuisine. We thank Annalaura, Beppe and Angelo for their professionalism and for their infinite availability, they have fulfilled all our wishes. Thank you...

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"Dream Location"

We got married on September 3rd 2018 at Feudo. We organized everything at a distance living in Rome but I wanted so much to get married in my homeland Puglia. I must say that the location is dreamlike, with attention to detail both in terms of location and the quality of the food. All of quality. The courteous and elite staff. A hug goes to each of you...

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